Motorcycle Stands – Get the right one

There’s tons of motorcycle stands out there, but it’s important to note that you will NOT be able to lift every motorcycle on the market(or possibly in your garage) with every stand out there.

How do you know which one will work for you?  Easiest solution:  Google “[insert your bike here] Rear Stand”.  You’ll likely see a product listing from a bike specific category on a website somewhere OR you’ll find a Google Image of your particular bike ON a particular stand.  Some brands like Pit Bull have bike-specific categories on their website, but most reputable brands will be able to answer a question for you if you just call and ask.  Can’t find a number to call the stand manufacturer?  There’s your first evidence that that brand might be a bad one to buy into.  If you can’t reach them to ask question – You won’t be able to reach them when your motorcycle rear stand doesn’t work for your bike either.

When it comes to front stands, there’s a lot of stands out there that can lift a bike under the forks but lifting from the lower triple tree requires ever-increasing finesse due to the tighter fairing-to-fender clearances, brake line positions, and other design features found on bikes these days.  Some stand manufacturers will have 5-6 pins to fit all bikes.  Other manufacturers might have 20-30 pins.  Find out what pin your bike is going to require and make damn sure that your stand manufacturer has tested that pin on your bike.  Broken plastic parts cost money, and usually more money than your stand even cost!

In closing – don’t assume a stand will fit.  Contact the manufacturer or a knowledgeable local dealer and make sure you get the right stand for your bike.  Plastics aren’t cheap, and bikes tend to fall over and damage other bikes or vehicles when you use the wrong stuff.  Be safe out there.

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