Powersports.Online Scam

This post is merely intended as a warning. If you receive a COD shipment from Powersports.Online, simply refuse the shipment. If you accept the shipment, they will claim that you have accepted a free trial of their “optional premium services”, which runs $294 per month. Of course if you’re in the motorcycle industry, you might not know who the package is from and therefore accept the shipment. Of course, they’re going to get the $5 check from you which has your checking account and routing number on it. They’ll also claim you have opted in to their program regardless of what actually transpired.

Powersports.Online is a scam and even their return address of 977 East Avenue, Chico, CA 95928 is a strip mall and of course there’s no unit # or suite #. You can call to cancel the recurring billing that they say you agreed to(which of course you did not), but they will not send any sort of confirmation – which allows them to claim that no contact ever happened.

Their telephone number on the package is 530-343-5132, and someone will answer the phone but they will not help you. They are there to scam you.

What can I do about it?

  1. Do not accept any COD shipments from Powersports.Online. That is how they get your bank account info…off the check that you write for the COD shipment.
  2. If you’re reading this after writing the check to FedEx, immediately cancel the check and any future charges from the company. Watch your bank account for suspicious activity.

From Trustpilot

Marilyn Romero1 reviewUS

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Feb 20, 2020


Let me start by saying 1 star is not what I want to give. But there is no other way to write my review. This company Powersports online are a scammers they target small company like ours Okeechobee Marine in Hialeah, Fl. Don’t know how they do but somehow they got my bank info and started to generate checks and cashed them to stole $1470 from us.. we never requested their service. And they will not refund us our hard earned money
Please be on the lookout don’t answer any of their emails or phone calls.

Another Review from Trustpilot

Julia Lewis1 reviewUS

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Nov 22, 2019

Do NOT give them ANY of your…

Do NOT give them ANY of your information!
One of their representatives called and spoke with one of our employees. They signed up for some “free trial” with a company we had never heard of before. No Harm though, not like they have any of our billing information, right? WRONG! They said they would be sending a check for $40 for us to review their services. Not once did they mention this check was COD. When the check arrived, we had to pay FED EX 8.95 for the delivery via check, here’s where they really start to get you!
The check they sent is bad. Does not even contain a real check number, just a lot of 0’s.
They called to see what we thought, I let them know we did not want anything to do with them because we were VERY unpleased with their services this far, let them know why and told them take us off your list.
Several weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying “Here is your reminder” which went in to detail account information, and the best part, wait for it….. Our billing info!
They now have your bank account number from the COD check you had to give FedEx!
I will be filling a complaint with better business and I hope you don’t end up in the same boat we did with these scammers!
-Controller @ Mount Dora Boating Center

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